Springfield, Barnehurst, 1945

Springfield, Barnehurst, Bexley, 1945 - click to enlarge 

Barnehurst is very much a pre-war creation. There was fevered building activity both north and south of the railway during the 1930s, which involved many different building firms.

An exception was the site of Springfield, which can be seen in a derelict condition on the left, and the building of houses on Spring Vale in progress behind it in 1945.

Another relatively late development was Dorothy Evans Close, previousley the site of Barnehurst nursery.

Gerald Frost, a previous resident of Pinnacle Hill, recalls: 'I lived in the house being constructed (right hand semi) from May 1946 until May 2006. The house stands in Pinnacle Hill and is numbered 52. My father and mother and I were the first to live on the old Springfield estate and I well remember playing in and around the old derelict building. Just behind the white tube on the right of the ran the driveway to the old house. This driveway made its exit on to Pinnacle Hill where number 56 now stands and during the second world war had an anti-aircraft gun positioned there. The left hand semi in the picture was the home of Mr Albert Wood and his family from about August 1946 up until his death in 2009. Mr Wood’s father owned a nursery in Pinnacle Hill which was built on by the Woolwich Equitable. There was also another nursery adjacent to this situated in Erith Road which also forms part of the Woolwich Building.'