Brook Street, Belvedere, c. 1900

Brook Street, Belvedere, c. 1900 & 1915

Brook Street, Belvedere, c. 1900 & 1915 


View of the junction of Brook Street with Carlton Road to the left and Parsonage Manorway to the right.

Higham Farm can be seen on the left-hand side of the photograph and the terraced houses in Brook Street can be seen on the right.

Today the image is vastly different, the whole area having been developed with semi-detached housing. The terraced housing along Brook Street, though, still remains.

A very rural scene showing a view of Brook Street looking towards Belvedere.

Carlton Road is to the right and on the left hand side, opposite the large house, is Parsonage Manorway. Just beyond the house is Erith Cemetery.

Today the whole area has changed and has been developed to accommodate semi-detached housing. The cemetery still exists although today it spans both sides of Brook Street.

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