Bexley Mill, Bexley Village, c. 1925

Bexley Mill, Bexley Village, c. 1925 


Bexley Mill, Bexley Village, c. 1925

Domesday credits Bexley with three mills and this is almost certain the site of one of them.

In 1300 it is recorded that a new millstone was bought at a cost of 55s.6d.

By 1779 the Mill was described as a large Corn Mill having an interior undershot waterwheel driving four pairs of stones.

The Cannon family owned the Mill from 1839 to 1907 and in 1884 fitted a steam engine which severely shook the building before it was removed.


In its later days it was used for making sacks and on 12 May 1966 was destroyed by fire.

It was eventually rebuilt in a similar style and is now a restaurant.

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