Bexleyheath Tram Depot, Broadway, Bexleyheath, 1934

Bexleyheath Tram Depot, Broadway, Bexleyheath, 1934

It was trams and roads, not railways, which were the crucial transport element in the development of Bexleyheath and Welling.

The most important line was that built by Bexley Council in 1903. It followed a huge loop from Northumberland Heath along Broadway, Crook Log and Welling High Street to Welling and then along Upper Wickham Lane to Woolwich.

Woolwich provided work at the Arsenal and other industrial establishments.

The terminus at Northumberland Heath linked with Erith Council's tram and gave access to that town's industry.

Many trams were replaced by trolley busses in 1935 which, in turn, were replaced by buses in the early 1960s.

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