Albany Park Estate, Sidcup, c. 1930

Albany Park Estate, Sidcup, c. 1930

New Ideal Homesteads were the biggest and most successful developers working in North West Kent in the 1930s. They cut construction costs by using prefabricated materials and promoted their products and the finance that enabled their purchase vigorously.

This colourful cover suggests modernity, a spacious rural environment and is aimed at wives and mothers.

New Ideal Homesteads were generally reluctant to provide services on their new estate, with the notable and imaginative exception of improving access to rail travel.

They did this at Albany Park to serve their estates between Sidcup and Bexley and at Falconwood, to serve the Falconwood Park Estate.

The Albany Park Estate was built in the 1930's and centred on the area south of Hurst Road.

Cover page of the Albany Park Estate New Ideal Homesteads' brochure published in the 1930s.

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