Homesdale Road, Bickley, c. 1910



Originally known as Brick Kiln Lane, the arrival of first the railway in 1858 and then the gas works in 1864 made this a popular area for worker's cottages and industry.

On the right is the Lord Holmesdale public house, opening in the 1860s as the Carpenter's Arms.

The original Lord Holmesdale was Wolfe's commander at Quebec and a native of Sevenoaks, but the pub was probably named after Viscount Holmesdale, the local MP from 1859 to 1868.

The road has always been spelt without the L.

In the centre is Podger's Page Heath Laundry dating from the same period. Closing around 1920 the building has since had a variety of light industrial uses.

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