Area West of Bromley North Station, Bromley, 1967

West of Bromley North Station, Bromley, 1967

A view from a crane constructing the Sherman House office block showing the completed development to the west of Bromley North Station. No one style dominates the scene.

Development began in the 1860s but was slow until the station opened in 1878.

By 1900 the road network was established but there was much 20th century infill including the new market built in 1933 on the far left.

Family houses, many of the larger kind, still dominate today.

The proximity to the station and town combined with a network of small relatively quiet roads means the area has never lost its popularity so there is no pressure for redevelopment.

The goods yard in the foreground is now a bus station.

Photograph taken on 7th July 1967.

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