Lamorna Villas, Chislehurst West, c. 1930


Dating from before 1880, Lamorna Villas was a pair of small cottages in what is now the High Street. They were built as part of a substantial development in this part of Chislehurst.

Later numbered 77 - 79, the latter was in commercial use for much of the inter-war period.

They were eventually swept away in the mid 1970s as part of a wholesale redevelopment which resulted in the building of Sainsbury's Supermarket.

A Reader comments:

Contrary to the impression the photo might give, 77 and 79 High Street were not small cottages but substantial 4-bedroomed family homes.

My parents plus three and then four children lived at No. 79 from 1945 to 1956. The houses went back from the road a long way. In fact, they were not just family homes but bourgeois homes, with provision for servant(s).

Andrew Belsey, Cardiff

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