Vegetable Parchment Mill, St Mary Cray, 1965


Paper making in the Cray Valley dated back to the 18th century and this site on the edge of St. Mary Cray village has probably been used since at least 1757.

In the ownership of the Joynson family from 1835 to 1931, they were responsible for considerable expansion from the 1850s and the buildings in this picture probably date from that time.

From 1933 it was named the Vegetable Parchment Mills and run by Wiggins Teape and Papeteries Delcroix and specialised in producing greaseproof wrappings.

The presence of this mill and that of William Nash in St. Paul's Cray, helped to encourage a wider range of industry to the Cray Valley between the wars.

Closing in 1967, the mill site is now occupied by a retail park.

Copyright: R.A.Colville

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