Hayes Station, Hayes, c. 1929


The Hayes branch railway arrived from Elmers End on the Mid Kent Line in 1882.

in the early days, very much a rural branch, it had little effect on development in Hayes.

By 1900 Hayes was still a Kentish village, its growth restricted to a few new houses in the village centre and out towards the common. This had more in common with developments in other Kentish villages than with the suburban developments a few miles to the north and west.

This single story, clapboard building was more than sufficient to cope with initial demand and although growing, usage remained low until electrification in 1925.

In 1933 the station, with suburban development in full swing, was modernised with shops being incorporated into the entrance. Badly damaged by a bomb in 1940, it was subsequently repaired in 1956.


Copyright: J. C. Sparrow / Trevor Woodman. Contact Bromley Local Studies Library.

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