Ravensworth Road Schools, Mottingham, c. 1966


The main schools for the London County Council (LCC) Mottingham Estate, Ravensworth opened in 1939.

Pictured here is the girls' secondary modern school (boys left in 1948), but there were also junior and infant sections.

As a Kent school, only children on the south (Kent) side of Mottingham Road usually attended. Children who lived opposite the school on the Coldharbour estate were in London and so travelled to LCC schools.

The building on the left was a district school meals centre which served a number of local schools with the food delivered sealed in heat resistant metal containers. These buildings were all demolished in the 1980s with the secondary girls being transferred to Beverwood School in Chislehurst. The junior school also closed, the infants school being adapted to take children from five to eleven

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