Anerley Gardens, Anerley, Penge, c. 1860

Anerley Gardens, Anerley, Penge, c. 1860

Opening in 1841 following the launch of the London - Croydon Railway and the closure of the Croydon Canal, the gardens were situated next to Anerley Station and utillised a section of the old canal for pleasure boating.

The Swiss style building was used as a hotel and tea rooms. Other features included a bandstand and a maze.

Popular with day trippers and weekenders, they were badly affected by the arrival of the Crystal Palace in 1854 which is visible in the background.

The gardens struggled on until their closure in 1868 when the site was redeveloped for housing, while the tearooms became the Anerley Arms public house and were subsequently rebuilt.

Even today, Ridsdale and other surrounding roads follow the line of the old canal.

Print of a painting by B.Constable, c.1860.

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