Deptford New Town: A 19th century working class estate

St Johnís School

St John's School, Albyn Rd, Deptford New Town, Lewisham, c. 1860

St Johnís School was established in 1855 and was the first to address education needs on a large scale. The church stood the corner of St Johnís Road and Seymour Street.

The site and much for the cost of the building came from Lucas. His motivation is likely to have been more than just altruistic as the provision of a school would have been an important asset to the developing estate. The school had a roll of about 900 in 1874 but declined after that date.

St Johnís School was threatened by the building of Tannerís Hill School by the London School Board in 1879. This offered 600 classroom spaces, better teaching and lower fees than St Johnís and the latter declined and eventually closed in 1910. The London County Council (LCC) took over the building and built a new school, which it called Ravensbourne School. This building is now used by St Stephenís Church of England Primary School.