Perambulation of Clapham Common, Clapham, 1800


Perambulation of Clapham Common from C.Smith's 'Actual Survey of the Road from London to Brighthelmston', 1800.

This shows clearly that Clapham was an early suburb, fashionable from the late seventeenth century.

Some of the famous names shown here include Henry Thornton who shared a home on the west side with William Wilberforce, members of the 'Clapham Sect' who fought to abolish slavery; and the eccentric scientist, Henry Cavendish, who lived in a large house on the south side.

The common was developed by a committee of concerned local residents in the mid eighteenth century, mainly consisting of wealthy businessmen.

Holy Trinity Church, on the east side of the common, is shown here at the bottom of the picture.