Cuper's Garden, Waterloo Road, Lambeth North, c. 1755


A view of the entrance to Cuper's Gardens. The house stood on the south side of Waterloo Bridge, about 50 yards from the bank of the river Thames.

Cuper's Gardens was a pleasure ground similar in nature to Vauxhall Gardens. The gardens had been opened in 1691 by Boydell Cuper. It had walks, arbours and a bowling green.

Musical performances were held there from 1738 with firework displays.

The gardens became extremely popular but they also gained a notoriety as 'Cupid's Gardens'.

Finally, in 1752, an Act of Parliament required all entertainment grounds to be licensed. After 1753 Cuper's Gardens was refused a licence and was closed down.

Watercolour painting by unknown artist, c.1755.