Doulton & Co., Albert Embankment, Lambeth North, 1879



The imposing façade of the Doulton factory building which was established by Henry Doulton in 1879, designed by Messrs Waring & Nicholson and Mr. J. Stark Wilkinson, Architects, facing the Thames.

One of the many Lambeth potteries on the riverfront, Doulton was to rise above the others and establish its reputation internationally, having its own company dock.

The factory employed both men and women, some of whom, like George Tinworth and Hannah Barlow were to leave a legacy of Doulton ware famed for its artistry.

In its heyday Doulton had other sites in the same area. This building was still standing in the 1950s, albeit in a derelict condition, and was pulled down shortly afterwards.

Engraving by R.Stark Wilkinson and A.Berry, 2nd August 1879.