Locarno, Streatham Hill, c. 1930




Streatham Hill, looking north at the Locarno Dance Hall in the left foreground and the Streatham Hill Theatre (1928) beyond, part of an entertainment complex built along Streatham High Road c.1930.

The Locarno Dance Hall was opened in 1929 by the band leader, Billy Cotton.

The Armistice Ball, seen advertised, was held at the Locarno in November 1930, when it was one of the most popular purpose built dance halls in South London.

The Locarno has undergone many refurbishments since. It was opened as 'The Cats Whiskers' in 1969, ' The Studio' in 1984, 'The Ritzy' in 1990 and as 'Ceasars Night Club' in 1995.

Streatham Theatre also underwent changes and is at present a bingo hall.

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