Brixton Ward, Lambeth, 1876


The main feature in the Brixton ward is the network of railway lines. The 1862 London, Chatham & Dover Railway runs north to south from Farringdon Street, and a line crosses Brixton Road on high bridges to the new Victoria Station to the west. In 1872 the Crystal Palace and South London Railway added a spur from just north of Loughborough Junction.

To the west of the ward is Angell Town, which was laid out in the 1850s, with St John's church as its focal point. Although a few of the original Angell Town villas still survive, most of the area has been redeveloped for social housing in the post war years.

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Extract from the 'Plan of The Parish of Lambeth, showing its Divisions into Wards and Ecclesiastical Districts', surveyor Hugh McIntosh, 1876