Aerial Photograph of North Brixton, 1936


This photograph of the North Brixton area is centred on Myatts Fields and the Minet Estate. It also shows the old Minet Library prior to its destruct-ion during the second world war.

Myatts Fields was opened in 1889 on land donated by William Minet, who also donated the Library and its contents to the community.

The estate was intended purely as housing for the well off and restrictive covenants ensured that no shops or trade premises were built in the area. It is now the site of many council housing estates, with pockets of earlier Victorian terraces still to be seen.

On the east side of the picture is the railway line leading from Tulse Hill and nearby Loughborough Junction up to Blackfriars. Of interest is the existence of Camberwell Station, with a three coach train pulling out. The buildings and platforms no longer exist although the adjacent road is still called Camberwell Station Road.

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