Angell Ward, Lambeth, 1918


Angell Town, was developed in the 1850s around Wiltshire Road on property belonging to the Angell family, who owned the original Stiles Farm that lay on the site.

With the focus as St.John's Church, and laid out as detached and semi detached villas and terraces, it was drastically altered after World War II with blocks of social housing estates spread over the ward.

Myatts Fields, top centre, was part of the estate of the Huguenot philanthropist, William Minet, who donated the park and a library, now home to the Lambeth Archives, to the people of Camberwell and Lambeth.

The railway lines from Loughborough Junction included both the South London Line into the city as well as the Crystal Palace and South London Junction Railway spur to Peckham.

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Extracts from the map of the Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth showing the wards, parliamentary divisions and subdivisions into poling districts, 1918