Vassall and Oval Wards, Lambeth, 1918


Map showing the Oval and North Brixton.

The Oval is now the Surrey Cricket Ground, (leased by the Surrey Cricket Club in 1845), and Kennington Common has undergone many changes before becoming Kennington Park.

St Mark's Church, just to its south, stands where the Kennington gallows used to be.

Myatts Fields, bottom right, was part of the estate of the Huguenot philanthropist, William Minet, who donated the park and a library, now home to the Lambeth Archives, to the people of Camberwell and Lambeth.

Vassall Road, seen in the centre and named after Henry Vassall, 3rd Baron Holland of Foxley, was part of his development of the Lambeth Wick Estate undertaken a century earlier.It centred around Camberwell New Road and led directly to Vauxhall Bridge to the west. The development, more in the way of a garden suburb consisted of detached and semi detached Georgian villas.

Extracts from the map of the Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth showing the wards, parliamentary divisions and subdivisions into poling districts, 1918

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