Bishop's and Prince's Wards, Lambeth, 1876


Bishop's and Prince's wards reflect the growing trend of Victorian terraced housing and housing estates that have replaced the large mansions with their extensive gardens.

Riverside industries, using the river to transport goods, included potteries, soap works and distilleries.

Overcrowded houses in multiple occupation and poor repair led to crime, poverty and disease, addressed in Edwardian times largely by the Duchy of Cornwall in the Prince's Ward.

St Mark's Church, built just to its south in 1824, stands where the Kennington gallows used to be.

The Oval, is now the Surrey Cricket Ground, (leased by the Surrey Cricket Club in 1845); and Kennington Common, has undergone many changes before becoming Kennington Park.

Extract from the 'Plan of The Parish of Lambeth, showing its Divisions into Wards and Ecclesiastical Districts', surveyor Hugh McIntosh, 1876

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