Proposed New Roads at St George's Fields, Lambeth North, c. 1770




A plan of the existing roads at the north end of the Borough and the river front between Westminster and London Bridges.

It also shows a new prop-osed road scheme under consideration at the time. The scheme was more or less constructed as planned, with only Stamford Street curving slightly northwards rather than taking the straight route shown.

St George's Circus was added in the centre of St George's Fields, at the junction of five roads providing links to Lambeth Bridge and Newington Butts.

The area is notable for some unusual place names such as Melancholy Walk, Dirty Lane, Bandy Leg Walk and Wigleys.

In the north west corner of this area was Cupers Gardens, the famous entertainment grounds, which flourished from 1691 to 1753, accessible by river to Cuper's Bridge.

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