Lambeth Poverty Map (Map II), 1891



Extracts from maps of London Poverty, taken from the 'Survey of Life and Labour of the People in London' by Charles Booth (1840-1916).

By 1891, with the advent of the railways and the demand for more housing, some pockets developed with networks of lanes containing dilapidated houses in multiple occupation having poor sanitation, bad drainage and overcrowding.

These slums, lying mainly in the northern, more commercial parts of the borough and along the river front, reflect their poor working class tenants and are highlighted in the maps as being 'lower working class' and ' vicious semi-criminal' occupants.

Extracts from Map 2, Section S. W. and Map 2, Section S. E., published with the appendix to Volume II of the Survey by Stanford's Geographical Establishment, 1891.