Lambeth Poverty Map (Map IIa), 1891



Extracts from maps of London Poverty, taken from the 'Survey of Life and Labour of the People in London' by Charles Booth (1840-1916).

These extracts, showing Vauxhall and North Brixton, have fewer pockets of the poorest section of the community, which lay along the river front.

They reflect the overcrowding and develop-ment that followed the advent of the railways and the opening of Vauxhall Bridge, which made the area more accessible to workers from across the river.

It is noteworthy that the ribbon development along the main roads consisted mainly of well-to-do middle class residences.

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Extracts from Map 2, Section S. W. and Map 2, Section S. E., published with the appendix to Volume II of the Survey by Stanford's Geographical Establishment, 1891.