Lower Norwood and Crystal Palace, Lambeth, 1877


Map of Lower Norwood and the Crystal Palace showing the impact of the railways on suburban development, as well as the boost to local development caused by the erection of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill in 1854.

By 1877, the main exhibition buildings and grounds were fully developed as a major tourist venue.

In January 1867, there had been a major fire in the north end of the Palace, the north wing had been rebuilt, but owing to lack of money the north transept was never restored.

The area immediately around Norwood Cemetery and West Norwood Station is also beginning to lose its rural character with the addition of new roads and terraced housing.

The large gipsy encampment in Norwood (mentioned by Samuel Pepys in his diary), is commemorated in street names such as Gypsy Hill, Gypsy Road and Romany Road.

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Extracts from Stanford's maps of London, 1877.