Vauxhall Ward, Lambeth, 1876


Vauxhall ward and part of Stockwell and North Brixton wards seen here reflect the changes in the area from the beginning of the 1800s, specifically the opening of the Vauxhall Bridge in 1816.

In 1870 tram services started from the Horn's Tavern along Brixton Road to the junction with Stockwell Road. Clapham Road and Brixton Road, two important Roman thoroughfares run through this area converging at St Mark's church, Kennington.

Beaufoy's Vinegar works, visible in the top left, is one of the larger industries in the ward, manufacturing both malt-vinegar and British wines as 'Sweets'.

Few fields remain due to the growing trend towards terraced and semi-detached housing, bearing witness to the demand for affordable housing in and around London, which had resulted in the subdivision of big estates and the disappearance of large mansions.

However, the villa type town house is still being constructed for the growing wealthy middle class.

Extract from the 'Plan of The Parish of Lambeth, showing its Divisions into Wards and Ecclesiastical Districts', surveyor Hugh McIntosh, 1876

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