Vauxhall Gardens, Lambeth, c.1800


Most of Lambeth's pleasure gardens had reached their zenith by the late 18th century.

Vauxhall probably outlasted most through the clever management and personal involvement of its most famous proprietor from 1728 to 1767, Johnathan Tyers.

The shows included music, ballet, spectacular stunts and fireworks, but 'Vauxhall Gardens' was immortalised by many of the contemporary writers for its fame as a venue for dining out and meeting people.

Another less known attraction, Cumberland Tea Gardens to its south, was more of a tavern and coffee house and did not include any of the entertainment provided by its neighbour.

The gardens are now the site of Spring Gardens and Tyers Street. Glass House Street at the top, commemorates the Vauxhall Glassworks, the first in the country to manufacture plate glass. The other important industries in the area were breweries and potteries.

Part of its attraction lay in getting to it by boat to Vauxhall Stairs, which included visits in the Royal barge by the Prince of Wales.

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