Proprietary School, Lee Road, Blackheath, 1839


The Blackheath Proprietary School was established in 1831 to provide education for the sons of Blackheath's new residents, who arrived during the expansion of the 1820s.

The school was so called as it was owned by a group of 100 share holding proprietors who could send or nominate a pupil.

The school's buildings were at the very top of Lee Road on its east side.

It flourished for much of the 19th century, but it was threatened by the diminishing lease on its site, the popularity of boarding schools and the availability of the day schools nearby. It closed in 1907.

The site was redeveloped in 1937 as Selwyn Court. Its building caused much controversy in Blackheath and was a catalyst in the foundation of the Blackheath Society, which continues to vigorously campaign for the preservation of the character and quality of the area.

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