Eros Cinema, Rushey Green, Catford, Lewisham, 1959


Catford provided entertainment for itself and for Lewisham as a whole. It had a theatre, three cinemas and a roller skating rink.

The Lewisham Hippodrome, seen on the left, was opened in 1911 and was the largest music hall in London at the time. It later became the Eros Cinema and was run in fierce competition with the Gaumont next door.

Both cinemas were demolished in 1960 and were replaced by Eros House.

Cinemas were still well patronised in 1959. In this photograph the Eros Cinema is showing "Demons of the Swamp" (called "Attack of the Giant Leeches" in its native USA) and "Tank Commandoes", neither of which features any recognised star names. The Gaumont Cinema next door, on the other hand, is screening "North West Frontier", a classic thriller starring Kenneth More, Lauren Bacall and Herbert Lom.

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