Dean Stanhope's School, Deptford High Street, Deptford, c. 1840


The huge growth of Deptford in the 17th century made the education of the poor a vital need.

Small schools were opened in Flagon Row and Deptford Green in 1680 and 1707.

In 1714 George Stanhope, the vicar from 1702 to 1728, combined with other leading Deptford figures to found a new charity to clothe and educate 25 boys and 25 girls. These numbers were afterwards increased.

The building in the High Street that resulted was known as Dean Stanhope's or the Bluecoat School. It amalgamated with John Addey's charity to form the Addey & Stanhope School which moved to its present location in New Cross Road in 1899.

The old High Street school was replaced by shops in 1882.

Watercolour by an unknown artist, c.1840.