Aerial View, Borough High Street, Borough, 1920

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Borough High Street, which cleaves this view in its approach to London Bridge, is one of south London's most ancient streets.

From Roman times to the late 18th century it brought travellers from the south coast to London's only bridge. Inns serving the travellers occupied long narrow plots at right angles to the street.

Three of Southwark's parish churches can be seen: St Saviours (which became Southwark Cathedral in 1905) is prominent in the centre, St George the Martyr is right of centre at the very bottom, and the soon to be demolished St Olave is near the river, right at the centre.

The prominent building with the relentless tracery is the Hop Exchange, built to serve one of the town's distinctive trades.

By 1920 central Southwark was intensely industrial and commercial. The prominent exception was Mowbray and Stanhope buildings (centre left), tenement flats of the 1880s built by the Victoria Dwellings Association.