Aerial View, London Bridge, Borough and Bankside, 1920

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This view shows the centre of the ancient town of Southwark.

Southwark Cathedral (also known as St Saviours), one of the town's parish churches is one of the few very obvious historic features.

The most striking element of the view is the activity, particularly the people - London Bridge and the land around London Bridge Station are notably crowded - and barges being used to unload goods, almost certainly foodstuffs, from ships anchored at Hays Wharf. The dock that the Hay's Company cut for itself in 1856 can be seen in the centre foreground surrounded on three sides by warehouses.

The dominant physical feature is that of the railway. The two parts of London Bridge Station (the earliest dating from 1836), can be seen bottom left, and the extension to Charing Cross and Cannon Street Stations of the 1860s are equally obvious. In the centre background can be seen the chimneys of the Electric Power Works power station, now the home of the Tate Modern.