Dovercourt Road, Dulwich, Southwark, 1985


The Dulwich (College) Estate has maintained careful control in the form of covenants placed on residents of the Estate to ensure a high standard of maintenance and to avoid over development on its land.

It has been cautious in allowing new building and has ensured building fabric to be of a high quality. New properties are required to be sufficiently spacious to attract tenants that would fit in with the middle class character of the area.

In the Edwardian period, under pressure from a boyant building trade, it was almost surrounded by housing development which the Estate allowed near its fringes. 

These terrace houses, highly unusual for the Dulwich Estate, were among the lowest value homes on the Estate, but still they were more substantial than almost anything built in the previous 20 years in East Dulwich, Tulse Hill or West Norwood. The quality of the streetscape is further enhanced by the careful planting of trees.


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