Nunhead Station, Nunhead, c. 1905




The first view looks north from the north end of Ivydale Road over Nunhead Station towards Telegraph Hill in Deptford.

Horse buses were reaching the end of their effective life by 1900.

From 1870 they had been superceded in volume, comfort and speed by horse trams and this service in turn was soon to be electrified.

Equally the horse bus was soon to be replaced by the electric bus.

Thomas Tilling, who had his office and depot in Peckham, was one of the main bus operators in London and still exists today as a coach operator.

Nunhead Station opened in 1871 and provided a valuable stimulant for development in the area.

The second view looks east from above Gibbon Road.

This station was soon to be demolished as the new Nunhead station was built to the west of Gibbon Road when the line was electrified in 1925.