Peckham Rye Estate Property Sale, Peckham, 1866




Three images from the sale of the Peckham Rye Estate in 1866.

1. The Peckham Rye Estate layout showing vacant building plots, giving the size of each one.

The plots coloured pink were sold before the auction. The land was being sold by the British Land Company, which dealt with the preliminaries of estate development such as plot outline and services, and then sold plots to individual builders.

Layout plan published by W H Collier, 1873.

2. This sale was due to the break up of the estate of Richard Sterry at his death.

It occured at a time when Rye Lane, animated by the recent arrival of the railway, was emerging as an important commercial street.

This document belonged to the purchaser of Lot 1 and also served as the contract for the sale of the property.

Sale document, published by Blake Auctioneers, 1866

3. This layout plan accompanied the above document.

Standidge & Co, Published by Blake Auctioneers, 1866

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