Rye Lane, Peckham, c. 1925


Rye Lane developed into one of South London's main shopping streets. Traders moved their allegiance to it when Peckham High Street was widened in the late 19th century.

Note the Kennedy's store on the left. The same family company operates this store as part of a south-east London chain to this day, albeit with a severly reduced range of goods. They are famous for their pies and sausages.

This view looks north from the junction with Choumert Road. The railway line can be seen just above the delivery vans. Prominent is the tower of the Tower Cinema. In the early 20th century, cinema grew rapidly as a form of mass entertainment until, in the mid 1920s there were five cinemas on Rye Lane alone. The Tower Cinema closed in 1956.

Published in the Camberwell Official Guide on page 53, c.1925.

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