Plan of part of the Roth Estate, Rotherhithe, c. 1849


Plan of a plot of land on the Roth Estate, Rotherhithe, to be sold for building purposes to Charles Stevens.

The note at the bottom (not shown) says 'Explained to Mr Roth, 25 April 1849'.

The railway line is the one that ran to the Bricklayers Arms.

China Hall Road became Rotherhithe New Road and the southern part of Roth Road is Catlin Street. The plot in question is now part of the Bonamy Estate.

This plan is of particular interest as it names Roth tenants and freehold neighbours. The Roth's Estate was one of the largest in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe.

Slide showing part of the Roth estate, published by Lawrence, Graham & Co.

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